Ever been to a good restaurant, ordered a nice thick steak, only to have it come to the table
cooked entirely wrong? Unless you send it back and have them start over, it tends to take the
fun out of eating it.

The same principle applies here. You can buy the best baby back ribs in the world and ruin
them by barbecuing them wrong. But when you do it wrong at a barbeque, it is worse than a
restaurant steak because it takes hours to prepare good barbecue - longer than your guests
will wait for a re-do!

Whether it is ribs or brisket, shoulder or butt, turkey or fish, pork or beef, there are some
fundamental barbecue techniques that you need to master if you want to have food that
people talk about.  

Sure, there are sauces and sides that can enhance a meal, even ones that add special touch
that truly heightens the experience, but the barbeque meat is on center stage, and all the
others are support characters.

So this section is the start of how to barbecue, where you may want to spend a little time
soaking up the tips and methods of years of barbecuing, grilling and smoking. Click on any of
the links below to go straight to the section you want more information on. Enjoy!
Choices to consider for your barbeque
The Hardware for a Barbecue
There are many ways to cook outdoors, from gas grills to hot dogs on a stick over a
campfire (this is always a hit with my boyz!). Here are three basic categories of equipment
you can use. I focus more in depth attention on smoking, my preferred way of barbecuing.
The Software
Pardon the computer terminology, but if the barbecue cooker is
the hardware, then what goes in the cooker is the software - the
wood and charcoal that I like to cook with, and some stuff I don't
like to cook with.
The Code
Well, if the cooker is the Hardware, and the fuel is the Software,
then how it is actually done must be 'the code'. This is a combination of:
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The Basics of a Great Barbecue
My humble set up for
barbequing at the Pig &
Peaches BBQ Festival in
Kennesaw, GA
This is a Kansas City
Barbeque Society
sanctioned Professional
The Ceramic Charcoal Cooker
(like a Big Green Egg !)