Links for Barbecue
This website cannot possibly be the end all, be all for barbecue - I wish I were that good! - and
so here are some links to other sites that I have found to have some great information on
things related to barbeque. This section of the website will hopefully have regular additions to
it as I find new nuggets of barbecue Q knowledge out there, or as some of you tell me where to
find it!

But before you go -
thank you for logging  on! - don't think you need to leave entirely if you go to
one of these links - and come back to see us soon!  ---
Big Daddy T
Hardware - Grills, Smokers and Eggs
Bar-B-Que Joints
- some of the best barbeque to be had
anywhere, and you can order it on line too!
Kindred Spirit
the ability to find the value in a person that they may not realize in themselves. Part of the
proceeds of the book is donated to the Salvation Army, a group dedicated to this cause as
well. Check it out, you will love the message, and it meshes with what I would like to do here -
using a barbecue to make a difference in someone's life - never underestimate the impact
you can have on a young life in need - all you need do is put forth the honest effort.

The Bell