Recipes for your Barbecue
Some of the best kept, closely guarded secrets in the world can't hold a candle to what
some people will do to keep anyone from discovering their recipes!

And I have to admit, I sometimes try a little too hard not to give some of mine away too.

But at the end of the day, I have been helped along the way by the recipes of many others, and
though I have tweaked most of them as I use them, to more closely fit my own personal tastes, I
do feel some obligation to pass along some recipes.

Now, I own no corner on the market when it come to recipes, so we invite you to submit yours for
general consumption as well.

Likewise, if you want to try one here that you think looks good, write a review and send it to us
and we will try to get it on the site for everyone to see. There is comfort in hearing the results of a
fellow first -time user before you try it yourself!

And so this section will continue to evolve over time, as we both add and remove recipes. For
the time being, the following are sections where you can find some for these items:
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