The beginning of this website was sometime
back in the sixties
, with my first remembrance
of a really good barbecue.

I say "a" really good barbeque because it wasn't
necessarily the best I had ever had, but the overall
experience was one that got burned into my mind
I don't even remember everything we ate -
but I do remember that we had the family together,
some good friends over, it was a hot as hell sunny
summer day, and we had a great time just being
there, together, enjoying the food and the moment.

Fast forward to now and it seems that trying to
that type of moment gets harder every
So understanding what all goes into it makes it
easier to pull together when you finally do make the
time to do it.

That is our mission here.

We aim to pull together some of the vital
ingredients of a great barbeque, so that you
take the time to do it.

It doesn't have to be fancy -
you don't have to have
an outdoor kitchen next to the pool on the opposite
side of the terrace from the lanai. A barbeque can
be done on a fairly slim budget, making it an ideal
event at any time.

All it takes is a commitment to doing a few things
right, and you are on your way.  This site is here to
teach you and encourage you to barbecue!

Not only will it be some of the best times you have,
it might just make a lasting impression on an
8 year old child you have at one of the events, so
much so that he one day decides to do it for his
friends and family on a regular basis.

We can't take it with us my friends, we have to
use it while we're here, and I can't think of a thing
more valuable to leave to the world than a great
memory for a child, and a commitment to keep it
going when he grows up...

...More of that and I believe a lot of the troubles in
the world today might just work themselves out.

Let's go have a barbeque....!
About me and my love of Barbequing
At left, a Boston butt, with
dry rub all over it, gets
ready to start smoking.
This is the beginning of up
to a 24-hour smoking good
time for this roast!
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