Major Events for a Barbecue
These are some of my favorite events of the year, and
what I like to cook for them - some traditional
barbecue, some just traditional food!

I plan to expand the list to some events that are held
on a regular basis that celebrate different aspects of
barbeque. Festivals and such - stay tuned for that

Now, for some of those events that I love the best!
These events are both a great excuse for throwing a
barbecue, and touchstones for our lives.

What I mean by that is that going to these types of
events represents some of the most memorable
times of our lives, some all the way back to childhood
and up to the present day, others that we have more or
less made more important now that we are older, but
we look forward to them just the same.

We will try to set the mood, but in the end it is really
about the food - so click on one that you are itching to
try, and we'll give you the rules we like to go by.
On a website dedicated to having a great barbecue,
an "Event" means those times we have an
opportunity to throw a "Super Q"!
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(top) and a pork pie just out
of the oven (right) are both
great additions to the
holiday of your choice!