There is plenty of barbecuing you can do on a gas grill, but most of it is grilling as opposed to
smoking, meaning high heat grilling versus low heat smoking.

I do use a gas grill because of the convenience of being able to walk out the door, light the grill and
be cooking in a couple of minutes. Life's speed these days, for a many, many people, is so fast that
this convenience is hard to do without.

So for steaks, which should be seared at high heat, and a host of other meats and vegetables that
lend themselves to grilling, the gas grill is a great option to have.

However, it is much more difficult to smoke on a grill. That does not mean impossible though, and so
if you want to do a skirt steak with a southwestern flair, take some of your favorite smoking wood - in
this case mesquite is our preference - and wrap it in foil. Poke a couple of holes in the foil and place it
close to the flame. Grills are not the same, so it is hard to tell you exactly where to put it - and you may
have to experiment some until you find the best place - but the goal is to get the wood to SMOKE, and
therefore add the smoky flavor to the meat. Mesquite is a very strong smoke flavor and it will not take a
great deal of exposure to the smoke to have the meat take on the flavor.
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Cooking Barbeque with Gas