Regardless of how you spell it, one of my passions is having a good time
cooking & barbecuing. I hope by being here that means cooking &
barbecuing is one of yours too!
How about a barbeque?!

So I have gotten together a lot of useful information on how to barbecue - the
stuff that makes it happen - click on the buttons or links and use it to make a
barbecue for you and yours!

You can learn the ingredients of a great barbeque!

Great barbecuers are not born, they are made - you don't have to have fancy
equipment and recipes - barbecuing is a learning experience that is easy to
do. You can learn how to barbecue!
Learn the BBQ process on by clicking on
"Q Technique" - Q as in barbeQue!

Barbecuing is a simple event that can create a powerful impression!

You can make lasting memories for friends, family and use a barbecue to
make a connection that makes a difference in someone's life - make the
barbecue happen!
Start with the "BBQ Basics" and go from there.

The best BBQ ingredients are friends!

What's the use of making the world's best ribs - well, the second best
anyway - if no one is there to eat them?
Surround yourself with friends and
family when you barbecue, teach them and learn from them, you will never
regret it!
Many times this may start when you have all the friends and family
together - look at the
"Holiday BBQ" section for ideas on how you can start a

Use fresh BBQ ingredients whenever possible!

Whether it is new food or new friends at the barbeque, don't be afraid to try
new stuff -
see the "Recipe" section for ideas -  I'll give you my opinion on
some of it, such as:

  • The Cooker - using a grill, a ceramic cooker or a smoker? See what I
    think the advantages of one over the other are in the 'hardware'
  • The Fuel - are you going to use gas, charcoal or wood - or a
    combination? See what I like to use in the 'software' section.
  • The Method - how are you going to do it? Perhaps my most
    cherished advice is contained here in the section I call 'the code'.
Life is short, make the most of it!

That applies to everything, not just cooking food on a grill or smoker. Find
some things you love and people you can share it with!
Stretch yourself to
include some new friends or kids who may not have the opportunity to
have such an experience on their own!

This site has some things I love!

Whether you are searching for a new family dinner or a tweak to an old
favorite, are a new barbeque chef in the making or one that smokes every
weekend, I aim to have something you will find useful. Check out some of
my ideas on:

Check out the pics below - you too can produce BBQ like this - maybe better!
Keep it Simple!

This is not rocket surgery, or a life or death contest - this is barbecuing made
into a pleasurable experience with friends and family.
I may end up with
some stuff for the hard core barbecuer, but the vast majority of this barbecue
information is easy
and inexpensive to do.
Original smoker
still in use today by
"Big Daddy T"

If this one could
talk I am sure you
could hear it say
"These are the
best ribs I have
ever had..."

A great little water
smoker that burns
charcoal and wood
These are hard to
find - let me know
if you get a lead on
one, I would surely
like to have

If you're lookin', you ain't cookin' !

Outdoor cookers the world over know the literal meaning of this old saying - you open the
door, the heat's no more.
So trust what you're doing and let the food cook!

But if you take it one philosophical step further it applies to our lives as well - don't stand on
the sidelines looking in,
watching someone else do something, waiting for something to happen to you.

Barbeque or barbecue, pork or beef, charcoal or gas, smoker or grill, the fun is had in the
The food you make is the proverbial icing on the cake.

So take the plunge, we hope you like it as much as we do! As Delmar said in one of my
all-time favorite movies,
'O' Brother, Where Art Thou?',

"Come on in boys, the water's fine!"
It's not just a meal, it's an EXPERIENCE!
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Welcome to the site dedicated to great "Q" !
Learn how to Barbecue - Barbeque right!
The Creed:

You can learn the
ingredients of a great
Barbecuing is a simple
event that can create a
lasting memory
The best BBQ ingredients
are friends
Use fresh BBQ ingredients
whenever possible
Keep It Simple
Life is short, make the
most of it
If you're lookin', you ain't

- Big Daddy T
How about barbeque? Have some spare ribs like these from my Independence Day BBQ!
A Big Green Egg
makes a
terrific smoker
Make the most of it - have a BBQ
and invite a few friends
This prime Boston Butt, aka pork shoulder, has been smoking about 2 hours and is looking good!!
These Baby Back
ribs are really
just getting
started after
about an hour in
the smoker - by
the end of the
smoke they will
be "the best I
ever had"
How about the
cross section of
this Beef Brisket!
There's a nice
crust on the
surface, and you
can clearly see a
point and the flat,
the gap between
them is where the
fat layer was...
Pigs are jealous
animals! - note
the one inside
this brisket
keeping a eye on
things!! No
re-touch on this,
     I promise!!!
No summer is
complete without
a little barbecue
chicken - these
thighs just came
off the smoker
and are ready for
a little BBQ sauce
before being
served up...