Letting your Barbeque Rest
This may also be one of the hardest phases yet from a discipline standpoint - the meat is done, it is actually out of the smoker, the
barbecue is finished and it can be eaten right NOW with great satisfaction. Again, my advice is to wait just a little longer!

I have found that letting the meat rest a bit before serving allows it to be all it can be.

Remember the foil 'boats' that we left in place for the final phase in the cooker? These make great resting places for the meat while it

I like to lightly cover the foil back over the meat and let it sit for about 15 minutes or so. Note that I don't re-wrap the meat, or create a tight
covering. I just want enough of a roof over the meat, close enough to the surface to help retain a bit of the heat.

During this rest period, the meat will re-absorb some of the juice that has collected in the foil. After about fifteen minutes of this, you are
ready to serve!
Boston Butt, at the end of a 20-hour+ barbecue, rests quietly for a while before serving. While this
may leave your mouth watering, I will bet that the juices being soaked up into the meat will be well
worth the wait!
There may be quite a number of variables or changes that you have to make adjustments for during the
course of a barbecue, so making sure you leave time at the very end of the barbeque to let your meat rest
could, at times, be difficult. I think it is well worth the effort though, for a great barbecue.
The rest, as they say, is up to you.
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