The Technique of Smoking Barbecue Meat
The Heart & Soul of GREAT Barbecue
Very philosophical don't ya think?

For me, when it comes to cooking on the smoker, or egg,
or grill, it means that unless you learn to do a few things
well, then what you pull out of the smoker at the end of the
day is not likely to taste much better than what the guy next
door makes on his hibachi.

What's the difference between the barbecue at the joint you
like to frequent, and the stuff you get out of a can at the
grocery store?


Well, technique among other things anyway. The point is,
the restaurant has a tried and true method for cooking the
meat they serve, even aside from the type of cooker they
use,and we think you should have one as well.

We're going to give you some blow-by-blow tips on how we
like to do it, and you can experiment for yourselves. You
may do some things differently, and if you like your results,
let us know about them! For our illustrated example we are
going to follow a rack of ribs through the process - one of
the most popular of all barbecue dishes.
This is the "code" of how to barbecue
The "code" is another one of my
computer barbecue references!
In barbecuing, the cooker is the "hardware", the fuel is the
"software" and the technique is "the code".  Without the
proper code, nothing else works. And the better the code,
the better everything works.

Not that the barbecue code cannot change, or that there is
not more than one barbecue code.

In one of my all-time favorite movies,' Pirates of the
Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl', Captain Barbossa,
when asked by Elizabeth about sticking to the 'Code of the
Order of the Brethren', replies "the code is more what you'd
call 'guidelines' than actual rules. Welcome aboard..."

So welcome aboard to my barbeque technique. These are
my guidelines that I have developed over the years. Others
may have different ones and to each his own. I like the
ones I go by, and I suspect you might too.

That said, I am always open for new and better barbecue
ideas, so if you come across on, let me know.
The first step for many may mean the fuel that is being lit,
and how to light it. We cover these "software" products in
their own sections:
charcoal, wood and gas so we are not
going to cover them here, except to say use the best you
can afford.
OK, so you are ready to
The first step of a barbeque is to choose your
meat. Many things are great to barbecue on a
smoker, so it is easy to choose one to start with!

The list of barbecue meats is long, and this is
certainly not all there is to choose from, but the
most common items, at home and in BBQ
competitions, are Pork Ribs, Boston Butt, Beef
Brisket and Chicken. And many of them share
some of the same basic barbecue techniques
for smoking.

Let's start with some of the things that the items
will have in common, according to the way we
like to do it. Along the way we will sprinkle in
some of our advice on how we like to barbecue
some of the individual meats:

There's another saying I like - keep doin'
what you're doin' and
you'll keep gettin' what you got.
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