Unwrapping the Barbeque Meat for the Final Push
Coming down the barbecue home stretch!

By now most of the cook is done and you are adding the
final touches.

At this point I like to open up the foil and create a sort of
boat for the BBQ ribs to sit in. I feel like it gives the
surface of the meat a chance to dry just a slight bit and
form a tiny, crusty shell.

This would also be when, if using our technique, when
you would want to add the barbeque sauce.

I will generally leave the meat with the foil unwrapped for
up to half an hour.

I also sometimes add a bit more wood at this stage, just
to add a little more smoke infusion right here at the end.

One thing I do not usually do is completely take the ribs
out of the foil. Hopefully by now the ribs are literally
practically falling off the bone tender, and moving them
actually gets tricky.

It would be OK to drop a tender rib on the serving plate, or
even on to the kitchen table, but it would be a shame if
any were to fall into the firebox. Keep the foil for support of
your creation!

Also the foil comes in handy for the next, and final phase
of the cook, the
resting period.
Unwrapped ribs with sauce just added
get ready for the final phases of the cook.
A pork butt, after almost 24 hours in the smoker, unwrapped for the final phase.
Note the amount of juice being contained by the foil 'boat'.
This Boston Butt is ready
to be Unwrapped
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